Do you want to become an engineer? Start planning for your B Tech Now!

For science students, engineering is among the most natural career options. Being an engineer is a thrilling option for anyone. Engineers can plan and execute hundreds of new projects throughout their professional careers. The satisfaction of completing complex tasks such as building bridges, skyscrapers, or working in a power plant is enough to make you want to pursue the engineering field.

So, How Do You Begin?

If you’re planning to become an engineer, you’ll need to begin planning for it before age. B Tech courses start right after you have completed your 12th. You’ll most likely need to pass an entrance test to get your acceptance. Also, you will need to study for the entrance exam as you work through your 12th and 10th. If the idea of becoming an engineer is on your schedule, you’ll need to decide between chemistry, physics, and maths in your 12th. This choice must be made when you are in the 10th standard. Now, you understand why it is essential to begin planning to get your B Tech early on.

Does the Entrance Test Essential?

The government manages most engineering colleges in India, and the courses offered are subventions through the state. This allows Bachelor of Technology courses to be affordable to students who are not wealthy. But, due to the low cost of education, the quantity of applicants is high, and admissions to these institutions are given through extremely rigorous admissions tests. Thus, access to the engineering colleges of government, such as the most prestigious IITs and NITs, is determined by the entrance exam. This test is also needed to assess a candidate’s aptitude to study engineering.

Through the years, it was observed that graduates of the engineering schools of government did not have the knowledge and skills that would allow them to find immediate employment. The abilities they learned did not suffice for the job. This resulted in many unemployed engineers who brought a bad image to the field.

Many of these engineers were offered jobs with various government agencies already plagued by corruption. Thus, throughout the years, they were blamed for the low-quality roads, bridges, and dams constructed across the country.

Private Engineering Colleges

During declining quality and low morale within the engineering field, Private engineering colleges appeared on the scene. They pledged to keep the standards of academics and keep up with the demands of the business. The number of private engineering schools has gradually increased in the past couple of years. Students worried about the quality of education usually choose a private institution. But IITs, autonomous universities supported by the government, are the best engineering schools in the nation and enjoy a stellar image across the globe.

ITM Engineering Colleges

As a leading educational company, ITM Group of Institutions has increased exponentially since its humble start at the beginning of 1993. Over the past three years, the company has expanded into new areas and has a growing array of schools and courses. Presently, more than 10000 students are studying on its 15 campuses that are ultra-modern all over the country. The flagship campus, ITM Kharghar, is a leading management school in Navi Mumbai. ITM Group has two universities: ITM University Raipur and ITM Vocational University in Vadodara.

ITM Group of Institutions is an active organization that is quick to respond to the opportunities and challenges in the education field. This is why it continues to plan and launch new courses and attempts to explore new areas. For instance, in response to the country’s demands and issues because of the poor quality of Engineering education, it started its engineering colleges, complete with modern labs and workshops in several essential locations.

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