Explore FinTech and the Various Job Opportunities Available in This Sector

Interested in both finance and technology? Then a field that incorporates both the departments is the perfect career option for you. Read on to know about FinTech, a field that’s a combination of finance and technology.

The Financial Technology sector:
FinTech is one of the fast-growing sectors in both national and international markets. It contributes to the financial sectors via the use and application of advanced technology. It has also changed the entire finance sector from what it used to be earlier. Most companies in the finance sectors heavily rely on FinTech professionals and look for FinTech professionals who can contribute to the company’s progress.

It is expanding at such an increasing rate that in India alone, the compound annual growth rate is expected to be 22.7% each year until 2025. Mobile banking, Insurance, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency and Investment apps are just a few of the many FinTech applications. The advent of FinTech has revolutionised the entire finance sector by making it more advanced than ever.

Career in FinTech:
Since it’s both a technical and innovative field, to build a career in this field, the first step is to get a relevant degree. FinTech courses equip students with the correct knowledge of every aspect of Financial Technology. A specialisation program like a Postgraduate diploma in FinTech would be the best option for you to step into the FinTech field right after graduation.

Owing to this fact, as a fintech aspirant, you must also adapt yourself to the rapid changes in the market. Technology keeps getting upgraded, every FinTech professionals need to be updated with all the trends in the market. PGDM courses are job-oriented, and a specialisation in FinTech helps students stay updated with the prevailing trends. It is the best Financial technology course after graduation.

To pursue master level Financial Technology courses such as PGDM, the candidate must be a graduate from an acknowledged university with an aggregate of more than 50%. Some colleges also have work experience of 2-3 years as one of the admission criteria which candidates must qualify for along with entrance exams. The other way to become a FinTech professional is by undertaking a Financial Technology certification course. As a fintech professional you must possess exceptional Creativity and Problem-Solving Skills.

Job Opportunities:

A job-profile in any of these departments of the FinTech sector can pay you well globally-
Artificial Intelligence
Risk and Compliance
Blockchain developer
Quantitative analyst

Aim at pursuing one of the FinTech courses from a renowned college like ITM Business School. The placement cell at such colleges will help you get placed in good companies in the FinTech market.

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