Learn all about BSc Animation and VFX Programs

VFX Animation is the computerized representation of non-living objects as moving or living ones. Cartoons for children best illustrate this. Many people worldwide love Animation. Animation is currently one of the fastest-growing industries. Animation can be a lucrative career. It is possible to do this by taking certain courses. VFX Animation course is one example.

What is the BSC Animation Program?

VFX Course is a 3-year undergraduate program focusing on computer design, creativity, and photography. It is integrated with Multimedia and gaming. This helps you learn how to animate any object.

Conditions for BSC Animation

VFX degree is open to any 12th pass candidate. Some colleges may require you to pass their entrance exams. This is in addition to the skills required for BSC Animation. These skills include drawing, sketching, creative and imaginative thinking, experimenting and presentation skills.

What is BSC Multimedia, and what are its benefits?

BSC in Multimedia is an undergraduate course. This course covers designing, innovation, graphic design, video editing techniques, HTML basics and visual effects. It lasts three years.

There are many career opportunities after BSC Animation or BSC Multimedia.

Multimedia and BSC Animation would open up many opportunities for animators. You can also take Masters’s courses such as MSC Animation, Masters of Animation and Special Effects or a Post Graduate Diploma in Animation Technology and work as a lecturer.

Visual Effects Courses:

A type of Animation is called the visual effect. Animation is used for animating a whole movie or cartoon. VFX, or Visual effect, is used to make certain scenes or parts more realistic by using some effects. Because Animation is used to create an entire movie, VFX can be used to edit a specific section of a normal film. The most common use of VFX in Hollywood and Bollywood films such as Krish, Bahubali and Ravan. The visual effects are the most prominent in Hollywood Titanic, Avengers, and Avatar.

These are some of the Software that can be used to create visual effects.

1. Nuke

2. Blender

3. 3D Studio Max

4. Maya

5. Adobe Creative Collection

6. Cinema 4D Software

To be able to take a course on Visual Effects, one must have the knowledge and skills to use VF software. Some universities also provide internships in film-production-house once the candidate has completed his course.

Know all about the demand for imminent MBA degree holders

The Executive MBA/PGDM is a postgraduate management programme designed specifically for working professionals who want to improve their managerial skills in their industry or field of expertise in order to be able to adapt to the quickly changing business environment and remain competitive in the job market.

The Executive MBA/PGDM program’s course curriculum is not significantly different from that of the ordinary MBA/PGDM programme. However, each of these courses is intended for a distinct group of learners with distinct requirements. Executive MBA/PGDM programmes typically last 15 to 18 months and are taught in part-time settings since they are intended for people with substantial job experience. 

The advantage of attending an Executive MBA courses over a conventional MBA programme is that the employer firm frequently offers financial aid by sponsoring its workers for the programme, even if the costs for the former are higher (INR 10 lakh to INR 40 lakh).

Executive MBA has become more and more well-liked worldwide over time. Today, many graduates choose to take an Executive MBA rather than a Regular MBA since it offers them a competitive advantage after working for a while. Their professional profile is enhanced by prior employment. Additionally, elite business institutions locate their Executive MBA students on campus. After completing the Executive MBA programme, a salary of at least INR 13 lakh is often provided.

The executive MBA program’s breadth is expanding daily. One of the popular professional programmes that is job-oriented and is sought after by students is the MBA. Once you have earned your degree, the industrial world has many excellent work opportunities for you. You may be referred to as an executive or manager. The management term is most suited to managers, so utilising your leadership skills and professional expertise, you may ascend to the top of the hierarchy as quickly as possible. An MBA professional always has a significant impact on the business, which is why he or she often communicates with the board of directors.

There is no need to name the businesses that hire MBA specialists. All sectors, including the public and government, contain a variety of businesses, institutions, and other organisations that are relevant to the disciplines where an MBA professional could find employment. 

Students must be aware of the leading employers that provide positions for Executive MBA graduates. To hold a top position in a corporation, there are several respectable job possibilities. As a result, many students take the course.

One of the industries with the highest wages is management. For the proper applicants with strong leadership, sound decision-making skills, excitement, and a strong academic background, the remuneration is not a concern. In India, the beginning package is between Rs. 2 and 3 lakh annually, while the maximum is uncapped. Additionally, there has been a good rate of growth in this industry, and depending on your skills, you may quickly make six figures.

The unique skills sets that you develop at the HM Course

Do you have a strong personality or excellent communication abilities? Then choosing the HM course is a wise move for you. As a vocation, hospitality management calls for one to be careful, have good judgement, and have great interpersonal communication skills. You must receive a minimum grade of 50% in English in your 10+2 or equivalent in order to enrol in this course. Different institutions have different eligibility requirements and pass rates. Admission to this programme may be obtained by both admission tests and merit. To succeed in this course, you must possess good interpersonal and communication skills. The BHM course curriculum covers topics including kitchen services, food and beverage services, front office services, and housekeeping operations. While students interested in business may make great hotel managers, those who like cooking can make wonderful chefs. One might study an MBA in hospitality or hotel management to enter the industry of management. This aids learners in honing their skills. Students are preferring the best college for hotel management.

People in the hospitality sector must interact directly with people from all social classes. Therefore, candidates who wish to build a name for themselves in the hospitality industry by enrolling in a hotel management degree should have the following skill set:

  • Interpersonal Competence
  • Commitment
  • Aptitude for addressing issues
  • Teamwork
  • Organising abilities
  • Work Flexibility
  • Capacity for lengthy hours of labour
  • Confidence
  • Courteous behaviour

A three-year undergraduate programme is available in HM course. But some universities that offer the School of Hotel Administration also offer a four-year degree programme in it. Candidates are educated about several areas of the hospitality sector as part of a BHM programme. The production of food and beverages, housekeeping tasks, front desk duties, computer applications, business communication, hotel operations, corporate finance, sales, marketing, and public relations are all included in a BHM course. The BHM course is notable for including both theoretical and practical topics.

Candidates who have completed an HM course may choose to pursue a master’s degree, such as an MBA in Hotel Management, an MSc in Hotel Management, or a Masters in Hotel Management & Catering Technology. Student internships are readily available at several five-star hotels. If students do well throughout their training, employers may take them into consideration for employment after their internship has ended. Hotel front desk agents, food and beverage executives, stewards, air hostesses/flight stewards, and other similar positions are frequently filled by HM course graduates.

Students who want to become leaders and managers in the hospitality sector and who have a strategic approach who desire to establish their own business in the hospitality sector or seek education and professional training in the fields of hotel management and hospitality services. those who want to mix management theory with practical hospitality training, paid internships, and a business emphasis. 

The know about BSc fashion designing course

One of the most innovative and sought-after jobs in the world is fashion design. It is ideal for individuals who enjoy researching fashion trends, creating rough sketches of designs, and coming up with innovative new fashion ideas. Looking for advice on how to launch a career in fashion design? To start a career in this sector, you’ll need to enrol in a basic design certificate or degree programme. The BSc fashion designing will teach you the nuances of creating clothing and other items of clothing while also exposing you to the most recent fashions.

A fashion designer produces a variety of items, including apparel, footwear, jewellery, and costumes. These can include clothing for both sexes, as well as for kids, teenagers, pets, cats, dolls, and action figures. In spite of the intense competition in this profession, your chances of success might be increased by specialising in a certain specialty. Most people who work in this industry are extremely enthusiastic about fashion and are influenced by a wide range of personal experiences and inspirations.

BSc fashion designing is gaining popularity.

Some fashion designers from top fashion designing colleges in Mumbai manufacture their own products to market, while others are recruited to make patterns from others’ ideas or design clothing for an already-established brand in secret and without acknowledgement.

Clothing, footwear, and accessory design are some of the fashion designers’ areas of expertise; some designers provide designs for all three fashion categories.

Some fashion designers after BSc fashion designing begin the process of developing a new design by analysing the latest trends and forecasting upcoming ones using trend reports released by trade associations in the fashion industry. Other fashion designers get inspiration for their collections from a variety of sources, including their immediate surroundings, the cultures and locations they have encountered, and numerous artistic mediums. It is far more likely that your goal will come true if you want to create apparel for men or women that will be worn by regular people.

The skill of creating personalised clothing and accessories for daily use, fashion designing is now a viable professional path. It is a potential career that is artistic while also providing a big salary in the glitzy sector. It is a tough industry, though, since one must be both creative and have strong administrative abilities. You have found the ideal piece to sew the decision you have made a little bit stronger if you have a magic touch with colours, forms, designs, cuts, and fabrics.Fashion designing institute in Mumbai is certainly a superb career choice due to its bright future and consistent revenue. Students are enthusiastically adopting it as well. Given that it includes jewellery, shoes, and other accessories in addition to clothing, fashion design is exceptional.

Do you want to become an engineer? Start planning for your B Tech Now!

For science students, engineering is among the most natural career options. Being an engineer is a thrilling option for anyone. Engineers can plan and execute hundreds of new projects throughout their professional careers. The satisfaction of completing complex tasks such as building bridges, skyscrapers, or working in a power plant is enough to make you want to pursue the engineering field.

So, How Do You Begin?

If you’re planning to become an engineer, you’ll need to begin planning for it before age. B Tech courses start right after you have completed your 12th. You’ll most likely need to pass an entrance test to get your acceptance. Also, you will need to study for the entrance exam as you work through your 12th and 10th. If the idea of becoming an engineer is on your schedule, you’ll need to decide between chemistry, physics, and maths in your 12th. This choice must be made when you are in the 10th standard. Now, you understand why it is essential to begin planning to get your B Tech early on.

Does the Entrance Test Essential?

The government manages most engineering colleges in India, and the courses offered are subventions through the state. This allows Bachelor of Technology courses to be affordable to students who are not wealthy. But, due to the low cost of education, the quantity of applicants is high, and admissions to these institutions are given through extremely rigorous admissions tests. Thus, access to the engineering colleges of government, such as the most prestigious IITs and NITs, is determined by the entrance exam. This test is also needed to assess a candidate’s aptitude to study engineering.

Through the years, it was observed that graduates of the engineering schools of government did not have the knowledge and skills that would allow them to find immediate employment. The abilities they learned did not suffice for the job. This resulted in many unemployed engineers who brought a bad image to the field.

Many of these engineers were offered jobs with various government agencies already plagued by corruption. Thus, throughout the years, they were blamed for the low-quality roads, bridges, and dams constructed across the country.

Private Engineering Colleges

During declining quality and low morale within the engineering field, Private engineering colleges appeared on the scene. They pledged to keep the standards of academics and keep up with the demands of the business. The number of private engineering schools has gradually increased in the past couple of years. Students worried about the quality of education usually choose a private institution. But IITs, autonomous universities supported by the government, are the best engineering schools in the nation and enjoy a stellar image across the globe.

ITM Engineering Colleges

As a leading educational company, ITM Group of Institutions has increased exponentially since its humble start at the beginning of 1993. Over the past three years, the company has expanded into new areas and has a growing array of schools and courses. Presently, more than 10000 students are studying on its 15 campuses that are ultra-modern all over the country. The flagship campus, ITM Kharghar, is a leading management school in Navi Mumbai. ITM Group has two universities: ITM University Raipur and ITM Vocational University in Vadodara.

ITM Group of Institutions is an active organization that is quick to respond to the opportunities and challenges in the education field. This is why it continues to plan and launch new courses and attempts to explore new areas. For instance, in response to the country’s demands and issues because of the poor quality of Engineering education, it started its engineering colleges, complete with modern labs and workshops in several essential locations.

How to pursue PGDM course in Navi Mumbai


PGDM courses or Post graduate diploma management courses help students gain additional knowledge of the business space.

Students go for higher studies to boost their qualifications and land good jobs in the corporate world.

Students opt for Post graduate diploma courses through college in Navi Mumbai as they are the most popular and the most beneficial to a student’s portfolio.

A Post graduate diploma course offers students the necessary knowledge through its vast textual as well as practical knowledge.

Students are taught in textual knowledge that is vast and diverse in its nature filling up a student’s mindset with the necessary information.

Along with the textual knowledge, students are also taught in practical knowledge.

Students are taught in practical knowledge through various interactive sessions like classroom sessions, seminars, debates, and role play.

These interactive sessions in college in Navi Mumbai help a candidate be prepared to tackle the real world business situations in a given job role.


There is a certain eligibility criteria that a student needs to fit in if they are applying for a Post graduate institute of management course.

Students need to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree from a recognized institute in India.

They also need to secure at least 50% marks in their bachelor’s degree in order to get enrolled in a PGDM course.

Although the admission process is mainly based on the merit of a student, some institutes, however, conduct an entrance exam to further evaluate a candidate’s skill set and knowledge.

Following the entrance exam institutes also conduct an interview round to know more about a candidate and their skill set.

A student’s performance in these three rounds determines their selection in these courses.


The Best PGDM colleges in Mumbai offer students a variety of benefits that they can take advantage of in their careers.

PG program help build a candidate’s portfolio as well as make them ready for top level managerial and executive positions in the business space.

Candidates with a Post graduate diploma in management degree have a better chance at securing a good job in a competitive job environment.

A student who is willing to get better in the professional, as well as financial front, should consider opting for a post graduate diploma course in management studies.

This article covered everything students needed to know about post graduate diploma courses in management studies.

Make a top career in International Business – PGDM

 Let us have a look into PGDM in international business management courses. We will share all the details about PGDM IB and have a look at why one should pursue it as a career rather than other courses in this. As you know, PGDM IB is an international business management diploma course which is getting popular nowadays. PGDM IB is a 2 year postgraduate international business course consisting of how to manage and grow businesses related to internationally. This course is equal to an MBA degree in IB which is offered by many reputed Universities and colleges. But the PGDM course is special because it keeps changing according to the current structure of the business required by industry. 

This international business management is great for the students who enjoy dynamic and fast growing industries. It has full opportunities and great knowledge and skills to learn. PGDM IB course will provide students with all the knowledge and skills which will help to apply them in future careers. It is laced with full practical and real life challenges which are inevitable in the management field.  

The eligibility criteria of PGDM IB in top colleges in India are as follows:

Candidates who are applying for PGDM in international business must have completed graduation from any course from a recognized college or university. But some colleges only considered four years of graduation for admission criteria. The following candidates must have scored 50% in aggregate from any stream. Candidates must not have any back in any subject in the graduation course. Some colleges also considered at least one year of work experience for admission criteria. Some institutions also set a percentage in 10th or 12th for admission criteria. 

PGDM in international business management admission is mostly done on the basis of merit-based and must also have to appear in MBA entrance exams like CAT, XAT, MAT, CMAT, etc. A candidate also has to fill a specific application for the college they want to study in. The colleges set their cutoffs, these cutoffs are based on the reputation of the institutions. Shortlisted students then need to appear in personal interviews from their respective colleges. Final results are then published by college and then you can check your name on it.

There are various colleges in India for PGDM IB but top colleges for PGDM IB are Parul University, Vadodara, Shanti business school, Ahmedabad, Fortune institute of international business management, Delhi, Krupanidhi group of institutions, Bangalore, and more. 

There are two year in PGDM IB. In each year there are different subjects and specializations you will learn including Organisational behaviour, Financial management, Managerial economics, Business environment, International banking and law, International economics, Marketing management, International intellectual property, Business communication, Business mathematics in first year.

In second year the subjects include Human resource management, Digital marketing, International retail business, Strategic management, International marketing, Management communication, Data analysis, Governance ethics and policy, Social-cultural management and Operations management. 

The scope of doing PGDM IB is enormous. There are a lot of big companies looking for this type of course holder. There is a recent demand in a lot of sectors for this course. The companies in which you can pursue your career are Import and export companies, Logistics and shipping companies, International financial management companies, Foreign exchange firms, Business consultancies etc. 

As we discussed earlier, there is a great scope for this course. The jobs which guarantee you will get are International finance manager, International marketing manager, Export manager, International customer relations manager, International business development manager and more jobs to come. 

In short, PGDM IB is an ambition course which can get you your dream job and skills important for career growth. It is one of the courses which is getting popular in recent decades. As it grows more, more companies are demanding PGDM IB holders. Be one to fill that spot and live your dream life.

Why You Should Enroll for a Course in Animation and VFX

The industry of animation and visual effects has an estimated projection of growth by as much as 87.1 billion rupees. Therefore, pursuing a VFX course in Mumbai is one of the most sought after courses chosen by design aspirants. This is a professional course that is designed to provide adequate skills and knowledge required to break into the lucrative industry. 

B.Sc in Animation and VFX colleges in Mumbai are many, but one of the most reputed universities for the same is ITM Group of Institutes. ITM Group of Institutes provides a comprehensive course on animation and visual effects. This allows students to gain mastery over their field of specialization, as well as practical exposure. Acknowledged to be the best animation institute in Mumbai, ITM’s course is often sought after by aspirants and enthusiasts. 

The VFX course fees in Mumbai can be found on the official website of the institute that is being considered. Weighing the course fees against the average salary of a professional in the field can provide a clear idea of the value of the degree. A VFX course in Mumbai is highly-valued and brings great opportunities for income and career growth along with it. 

Pursuing a career in the industry of visual effects and animation can greatly benefit those seeking practical exposure over learning of theory. Students of this course are often required to work on diverse kinds of real-time projects. This allows for the development of skills as well as the polishing of innate creative abilities. 

Another important reason to consider a course in Animation and VFX is that the professional can decide to simultaneously take on different kinds of freelance projects. This boosts earning potential to a significant level. Additionally, freshers are also provided with a base salary that is higher than average as opposed to freshers in other specializations. It is also possible to generate extra income by taking on short-term projects. 

Lastly, the need for Indian talent in the animations and VFX industry are continuous and require constant fulfilment. This allows for students and graduates of a professional course to acquire an international job or seek professional opportunities abroad. The chances of working with renowned media houses are greater with a graduation degree in the bag. 

There are numerous career options available within the field such as compositor, FX artist, match movie artist, illustrator, production assistant and graphic designers

Enrolling for a professional course can significantly increase the availability of opportunities for career growth and success. 

Explore FinTech and the Various Job Opportunities Available in This Sector

Interested in both finance and technology? Then a field that incorporates both the departments is the perfect career option for you. Read on to know about FinTech, a field that’s a combination of finance and technology.

The Financial Technology sector:
FinTech is one of the fast-growing sectors in both national and international markets. It contributes to the financial sectors via the use and application of advanced technology. It has also changed the entire finance sector from what it used to be earlier. Most companies in the finance sectors heavily rely on FinTech professionals and look for FinTech professionals who can contribute to the company’s progress.

It is expanding at such an increasing rate that in India alone, the compound annual growth rate is expected to be 22.7% each year until 2025. Mobile banking, Insurance, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency and Investment apps are just a few of the many FinTech applications. The advent of FinTech has revolutionised the entire finance sector by making it more advanced than ever.

Career in FinTech:
Since it’s both a technical and innovative field, to build a career in this field, the first step is to get a relevant degree. FinTech courses equip students with the correct knowledge of every aspect of Financial Technology. A specialisation program like a Postgraduate diploma in FinTech would be the best option for you to step into the FinTech field right after graduation.

Owing to this fact, as a fintech aspirant, you must also adapt yourself to the rapid changes in the market. Technology keeps getting upgraded, every FinTech professionals need to be updated with all the trends in the market. PGDM courses are job-oriented, and a specialisation in FinTech helps students stay updated with the prevailing trends. It is the best Financial technology course after graduation.

To pursue master level Financial Technology courses such as PGDM, the candidate must be a graduate from an acknowledged university with an aggregate of more than 50%. Some colleges also have work experience of 2-3 years as one of the admission criteria which candidates must qualify for along with entrance exams. The other way to become a FinTech professional is by undertaking a Financial Technology certification course. As a fintech professional you must possess exceptional Creativity and Problem-Solving Skills.

Job Opportunities:

A job-profile in any of these departments of the FinTech sector can pay you well globally-
Artificial Intelligence
Risk and Compliance
Blockchain developer
Quantitative analyst

Aim at pursuing one of the FinTech courses from a renowned college like ITM Business School. The placement cell at such colleges will help you get placed in good companies in the FinTech market.

Nursing a noble profession

Nursing is all about caring, nurturing, and serving. Nursing is a career that has always been in demand. It is a challenging, hardworking, and respectable occupation. Nursing is like an arm of our medical system. a nurse gives the medicine, maintains patient records, and operates the check-up equipment along with the regular duties. during this time covid has become a challenge in the medical industry, both doctors and nurses are serving people. This pandemic has alarmed more medical hands.

Demands for nurses are rising rapidly. in 2021-2025 we will see a huge scope in nursing. the medical industry was always in demand and ever-increasing stay in demand. So if you are thinking about a nursing course career then there is huge scope for those joining basic BSc nursing. In India where medical facilities are growing, there is a huge requirement for qualified nurses. youngsters after completing BSc. Nursing, are misted up by the decision to either pursue further studies or grab the first job offer that lands in their lap. 

What is a BSc nursing degree?

BSc Nursing degree is a very common and popular degree to become a professional nurse. This course is all about restoring health and providing care to the sick. After completion of a BSc in Nursing, they can go for MSc in nursing which will progress their prospects in the medical industry. There are plenty of Career opportunities after enrolling for a BSc nursing admission

Once you are done with the BSc nursing course, you can opt for 

  1. MBA- Hospital Administration: It is a full-time 2-year course that enables innovative career opportunities in the corporate world.

2.Nursing Advisors To The Indian Government: Central government provides a lot of opportunities to nurses who have graduated with a BSc. They have to go through a screening exam for this.

3.Medical Transcription/Medical Writing/ Medical Coding, Etc.: This job is best for one with good communication skills. If you have elegance for language and can transcribe different accents or foreign documents this will suit you best.

4.MSc Clinical Research: This is an opportunity that enables chances as a clinical researcher in Corporate hospitals

 5.MPH- Master Of Public Health: Nursing course students having experience of two years can apply for this course. This job prospect open door to get into work for UNO, WHO, and other NGOs.

And many more opportunities are in their in this field.

A caring nurse makes a lot of difference in the lives of patients. With educational requirements, all one needs is a compassionate nature and a desire to help out. it is one of the most 

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